My work pays homage to nature and universal principles that govern life. I am particularly influenced by geometry and the idea of perfect objects, such as Platonic solids. Platonic-like structures are abundant in organic forms while always in an imperfect, irregular state.  This is analogous to how humans can conceive of ‘straight lines,’ but we cannot, strictly speaking, create them. Our lives are comprised of this quirky mixture of theoretical perfection and the limitations of imperfect reality. When working, I paint freehand in order to explore this relationship. 

When outdoors, I study root systems, plant architecture, and crystal formations. I photograph the places I visit and also make drawings, which serve as jumping off points for my paintings. On the mathematical side, my work is inspired by polyhedrons, tiling patterns, and parametric structures. These disparate but intimately related elements, such as a crystal cave and the properties of a tetrahedron, compel me to compare them. Which aspects do they share? When do they create tension with one another? My paintings combine these elements and function as metaphors for actual environments. The resulting works are abstract landscapes that are both imagined and familiar.

Artists who have greatly influenced me include Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Frank Stella, Ruth Asawa, and Monir Farmanfarmaian.